Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Favorite Shakespeare

My favorite Shakespeare quotes from this semester come from The Tempest and Love's Labour's Lost they both show the  linguistically  comedic style of Shakespeare.

In Act II scene i, there is a stormy sea and the boat is about to wreck. Antonio and Sebastian tease and make fun to make their fear. I like this quote because it portrays the hopelessness of their situation in a comedic way. 

"What impossible matter will he make easy next?" 

"I think he will carry this island home in his pocket 
and give it his son for an apple." 

In Act I scene i, the King and his men are brought Costard accompanied by a letter from Don Armado. Don Armado writes a very wordy and extravagant letter that Costard- a simple peasant- has been caught with a woman (Jaquenetta) and sent to the King for punishment. Costard performs some tricky word play to try to get out of trouble. I think it is hilarious because as someone who does not fully understand the upper Elizabethan language we identify with Costard and his simple language and understanding. 

"In a manner and form following, sir; all those three: 
I was seen with her in the manor-house, sitting with 
her upon the form, and taken following her into the
park; which, put together, is in manner and form 
following. Now, sir, for the manner,- it is the 
manner of a man to speak to a woman: for the form,- 
in some form."  

After the letter was read--
"I do confess much of the hearing of it but little of the marking of it." 

"It was proclaimed a year's imprisonment, to be taken with a wench." 

"I was taken with none, sir: I was taken with a damsel." 

"Well, it was proclaimed 'damsel.' "

"This was no damsel, neither, sir; she was a virgin." 

"It is so varied, too; for it was proclaimed 'virgin.'

"If is were, I deny her virginity: I was taken with a maid."  

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